"Often described as the Old Crow Medicine show meets the Ramones, The Rusty Cleavers' live shows have always been fist-pumping barnburners. Audiences can't help but cut loose as they pummel their string instruments with rhythmic abandon, layering husky harmonies overtop that swell to bursting."  
Weekly Volcano, Tacoma, WA

"The Rusty Cleavers come from the Tacoma area of Washington. Dark, dense, green forests provide a somber foundation for these men to craft their sullen stringed concoctions. The end result is a distilled folksy, rootsy feel that can boil a crowd into fevered, punchy punk confusion."
New Noise Magazine

"It seems only natural to combine the worlds of bluegrass and punk, and The Rusty Cleavers do so magnificently, with all manner of mandolin, banjo and backyard clatter coming together in a cacophony of spirited group-singing and hoops and hollers. "  
Weekly Volcano, Tacoma, WA